Core Networks


NETKOM’s Core Network services are divided in circuit switching and packet switching domains. Some of the elements are Mobile services Switching Centre (MSC), Visitor location register (VLR) and Gateway MSC. Packet switched elements are Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) and Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN). Some network elements like EIR, HLR, VLR and AUC are shared by both domains.

To handle multiple types of Traffic Such as Voice, Data ,Multimedia and convergence of data in Both Mobile and fixed Network, we are providing solutions through NGN(Next Generation Network) and has  experience in Planning, Commissioning, implementation , Optimization and O&M services.

High quality standards have been followed in Hardware installation and related fields in order to achieve customer satisfaction and uphold company’s Moto. 

  • Data communications equipments for mobile network(Including but not limit to Soft switches/Media gateways/Signaling Gateways/HLR/SGSN/GGSN/PDSN/CG/IGWB/WASN)
  • NGN(Next generation networks) Both Class 4 and Class 5 network for TDM switches migration with PSTN voice service inheritance
  • IMS(IP multimedia system) for multimedia applications and operations
  • Power systems such as rectifiers/invertors ,battery banks, alarm/data cabling and all auxiliary devices
  • CORE network management system including NMS Server, Billing Servers, Policy Servers, Client PC and relevant components and accessories, such as Ethernet cable, routers and LAN switch etc.


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