Civil Works


Offering construction services and supplies, starting from the TSS phase of the sites till the complete installation of base station, sharing sites, swap sites, OSP sites and renovation sites. In order to achieve this, we at NETKOM are applying sustainable and best available civil solutions in terms of technology, machinery and human resources skills.

  1. Acquisition and Site Survey
    • TSSR Site Survey
    • Site Acquisition
    • NOC from Govt. Authorities
    • Soil Investigation
    • Site Design
    • As Built Drawings
  2. Construction and Installation
    • Base Station Site
      • Tower Construction
      • Supply of Self Supported, Monopole & Guyed Mast Tower
      • Construction of Micro Cell Sites
      • Tower Erection & Painting
      • ODU / Shelter & DG Pads
      • Electrification & Grounding
      • Boundary Wall & Gate
    • Sharing Sites
      • Construction of ODU Pad
      • Supply & Installation of Sun shed & Base Frame
      • Supply & Installation of ACDB & Power Cable
      • Installation of Grounding
      • Supply & Installation of Antenna Mounts
      • Supply & Installation of Cable Ladder
    • Room Modification & Renovation Works
      • Aluminum & Glass Work
      • False Ceiling
      • Raised Floor
      • Vinyl Flooring
      • Air Conditioners Supply & Installation
      • Plaster & Paint Works
      • Fire Alarm System
    • Modifications & Swap Sites
      • Construction of ODU Pads for Swap
      • Electrification Modification for Swap
      • Grounding for Swap Sites.
      • Supply & Installation of Cable Ladder & Mounts
    • OSP Works
      • OFC Laying
      • Handholes & Manholes
      • OFC Splicing, Jointing & Testing
      • Copper Cable Jointing
      • ONU Bases
      • Earthing and Electrification of ONUs
    • Repair Maintenance
      • Repair Maintenance of Tower
      • Repair Maintenance of DG, Electrical & Grounding
      • Repair Maintenance of Boundary Wall & Floowing
  3. Testing
    • Steel TestsNETKOM provide the test reports for steel from the manufacturers also provide the test reports from customer’s approved laboratory.
    • Ground Resistance TestsFollowing the grounding installation, ground resistance test is carried out in all the legs of towers,  equipments, gantry ladders, DB box and grounding Pit.
    • Concrete TestsDifferent concrete tests are carried out as per requirement of the Customers or Service Providers (7 days, 28 days & 42 days).
  4. DocumentationThe whole work is compiled with all the necessary documents, site photos & construction photos. The whole documents are also presented in a CD soft copy. All daily logs will be kept and reported to the client via e-mail. Field teams and office administrators will be trained about this subject.


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